Animal Facts

These posts aim to give you a little insight into

1. Venom, Poison or Both?

keel2Poison is a  substance that is harmful when eaten or absorbed through the skin, but venom is a harmful substance that must be injected into your body via fangs, stingers or spines.

When people use the epithet “poisonous snake”  you can almost feel the eyes of many herpetologist roll, however in recent years it has been discovered that some snakes do indeed posses poison.  Read more  here

2. Ten Terrific Tokay Facts

toksThese stunning giant geckos are a common sight across South-East Asia but how much do you know about these fascinating creatures? Read more here

3. Learn About Whip Scorpions

vin-1There’s more than meets the eye with these nightmarish creatures. Read more here

4. The Fastest Insect in the World

beetWhat’s faster than Usain bolt or a cheetah and only a fraction of the size…. Read more here

5. Magical Moths


When most people think of moths they think of them as drab and boring relatives of butterflies that fly around at night but there’s more to these wonderful creatures than meets the eye. Read more here

6. What Do Butterflies Eat?

Butterflies and moths have some truly bizarre feeding habits. Want to find out what they love to feed on… Read more here