Crimson sunbird

My partner and I quite often just go out on the weekends. We love admiring the sights and looking for wildlife, and we nearly always spot something cool. Whilst out driving around through the hills and forests in our local area we came across this little guy.294

We were driving along when I spotted a flash of red on the road; at first it looked like a butterfly that’d been hit by a car, but if it was a butterfly it was the most colourful butterfly I’d ever seen. I always find it difficult to drive past something like that so we looped back to where it was to investigate.

As we got closer we realised it wasn’t a butterfly but a tiny, brightly coloured sunbird sitting in the road. We decided to take action.

The road was quite busy so we pulled over as far as we could. My partner jumped off the bike and scooped up the little guy and moved somewhere a little safer. We found a spot by a lake just up the road and gave it a quick once over, it seemed healthy. After a few quick pictures we returned it back to where we found it and put it down away from the road.

Another successful weekend outing in my books!


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