Down By The River


We often take our dog Bones for walks along the bank of the river that runs through our town. It’s peaceful down by the river, the grass  is kept well manicured by the local buffalo and we usually have the whole place to ourselves except for the occasional buffalo herder.

During the rainy season the grassy fields either side of the river flood with water. Bones loves to run as fast as she can through the water and we never leave dry or clean when we take her to the river.


As the rainy season progresses the river rises up until it spills over its banks. The amount of water that flows out onto its vast flood plain is astounding.



Rainy season now feels like a very distant memory as it’s rapidly approaching the hottest time of year.  The buffalo don’t let the heat get to them though and we often see them cooling off in the shallows with only their heads above water.


What ever the weather, it’s always nice to be down by the river.


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