Scorpion Suprise

Most nights we take our dog out for a walk, as it’s so much cooler in the evenings. One night my partner was going to take the dog for a walk, she stepped out the house, barefoot and headed for the light switch outside by where we keep our shoes.

On her way to the switch she spotted a leaf outside on the floor which she casually kicked out the way. I heard a horrendous scream from outside the house followed by a few choice words and some panicked shouting. I rushed out of the house to discover that the leaf she’d kicked was actually a giant forest scorpion.

Luckily she was not stung and this species isn’t very venomous so it wouldn’t have caused too much damage if it had, not that this was much consolation to her at the time but true nonetheless.


I had heard that scorpions glow under U.V light so I’d bought a U.V torch a while back so I’d hopefully be able to spot  some scorpions when i walk the dog at night.This guy was the perfect opportunity to test my new toy and the results were far better than I’d thought they’d be.


Well needless to say, I’m a lot more thorough when I check my shoes in the morning now.


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