Sleeping Lizards and Giant Stick Insects

Carly and I recently spent a few weeks in the UK and upon our return we were too busy to go out and about looking for wildlife. When we finally had a free saturday we woke up to the sound of the wind howling past our windows. All day the weather was terrible and the …

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Whip Scorpions

At first glance whip scorpions or vinegaroons, as they are more commonly known, may look like the stuff nighmares but these seemingly ferocious creatures are actually harmless, for the most part, and pretty good creatures to have around your home. Here are a few facts about these cool little creepy crawlies: Whip scorpions like warm countries. …

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Wildlife by Torchlight

We moved house again...... My partner and I are now living in a different part of Thailand and of course a new house and a new area means new wildlife to find. Our weekends have been busy so far since we moved which hasn't left much time for finding wildlife but luckily our new garden …

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A Wild Weekend

What a weekend, and where to begin? I guess I should begin on Friday which seemed to be the perfect lead in to a great weekend of wildlife. I took my students on a nature walk around school in which we were surprised by a very patient Lime butterfly which perched on a branch long …

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Wildlife in Action

Its been a while since I've posted anything but I haven't been stagnant. In fact I've been busy collecting material for my photo galleries page which is severely lacking in content at this time. So far I've managed to compile a damselfly gallery, a lizard gallery and an amphibians gallery which you can see here Photo Galleries. …

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New House New Wildlife – Part 2

Since moving to the new house I've spent at least part of every evening walking around the garden or the neighborhood looking for wildlife and so far I haven't been disappointed. The heavy rain has brought lots of wildlife to our garden and one of the most exciting visitors we've had so far was an South-East Asian …

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Sparkling Spiders

  Most people who've lived in Thailand will be able to tell you horror stories of how a massive spider jumped out on them when they went to the toilet or sprung out from under something in their house. Despite Thailand being home to some truly enormous and terrifying spiders it is also home to a …

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Scorpion Suprise

Most nights we take our dog out for a walk, as it's so much cooler in the evenings. One night my partner was going to take the dog for a walk, she stepped out the house, barefoot and headed for the light switch outside by where we keep our shoes. On her way to the …

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