Wildlife by Torchlight

We moved house again...... My partner and I are now living in a different part of Thailand and of course a new house and a new area means new wildlife to find. Our weekends have been busy so far since we moved which hasn't left much time for finding wildlife but luckily our new garden …

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A Wild Weekend

What a weekend, and where to begin? I guess I should begin on Friday which seemed to be the perfect lead in to a great weekend of wildlife. I took my students on a nature walk around school in which we were surprised by a very patient Lime butterfly which perched on a branch long …

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New House New Wildlife – Part 2

Since moving to the new house I've spent at least part of every evening walking around the garden or the neighborhood looking for wildlife and so far I haven't been disappointed. The heavy rain has brought lots of wildlife to our garden and one of the most exciting visitors we've had so far was an South-East Asian …

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