What do butterflies eat?

Moths and butterflies (lepidopterans) are the second largest order of insects, comprised of almost 160,000 species (Monaenkova et al, 2011) and their feeding habits are as diverse as they are. Most of them feed on the nectar found in flowers, some even feed on the pollen, but they have so many more weird and wonderful …

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The last couple of Herps

Well as some of you may know, my wife and I have relocated to the UK. It was a move that I was looking forward to, but also fearing, as I knew I wouldn't be having any herping adventures for a while. This in mind, I made it my task to make the most of …

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Sri Phang-Nga National Park

One of the best things about being in Phang Nga province in Thailand, apart from the beautiful beaches, is the amount of national parks and wild areas to explore. Out of all of these, Sri Phang-Nga National Park was absolutely one of my favourite places to visit, and here's why: The amazing thing about this …

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