Lizards at your fingertips.

As most of you are aware, I love finding snakes, and they have been the focus of almost all of my recent posts. So for this post I decided I’d choose some different subjects for those of you who are sick of seeing pictures of snakes or those of you who are ophidiophobic (fear snakes). Luckily, living in Thailand there’s always wildlife somewhere close by and one thing we  have an abundance of are amazing lizards and so I chose them to be my next focus and set about searching my garden and surrounding area for as many cool lizards as possible. Here are some of my favourite recent lizard finds:

Intermediate Bow-fingered Geckos (Cyrtodactylus intermedius)

I don’t find these guys as often as I find the other species in this post but I can never walk past them without stopping for a closer look and a few photos.


Siamese Leaf-toed Geckos (Dixonius siamensis)

We often see these guys when we’re out herping but we also have quite a few of them living around our house. Having a population of these beautiful geckos right on our doorstep means there’s always a photo op. close by, and I must say they are quite patient subjects.


Asian Grass Lizards (Takydromus sexlineatus)

Walking around the rice paddies and fields near my house at night is always an exciting adventure. Seeing one of these slender lizards  draped over an impossibly thin branch or grass stem is always a sight I look forward to.


Long-tailed Sun Skinks (Eutropis longicaudata)

Another resident of our garden are the bronze backed long tailed sun skinks which scuttle in and out of the grass and flower beds when ever we do a bit of gardening. The adults are quick to dart into cover when they see you but I was lucky to spot this juvenile sunning itself on my lawn one day.


Below: Common Sun Skink (Eutropis multifasciata) (left) and Spotted Forest Skink (Sphenomorphus maculatus) (right).

If you’ve ever visited a national park in Thailand, chances are you’ve probably seen one of these skinks scuttling across the path or over the leaf litter. These guys aren’t confined to national parks though, you can find them in your garden too (if you live in Thailand).



I hope you enjoyed some non-serpentine photos for a change!




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