Sri Phang-Nga National Park

One of the best things about being in Phang Nga province in Thailand, apart from the beautiful beaches, is the amount of national parks and wild areas to explore. Out of all of these, Sri Phang-Nga National Park was absolutely one of my favourite places to visit, and here's why: The amazing thing about this …

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Snake Shopping

It hadn't even been a week since we had relocated Bob when I received another message from my friend's husband (who had also given us Bob the Python) saying that he had another python, along with another snake that needed to be relocated. We were coming home from a shopping trip to a different province …

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Fear Factor

A friend of ours, Linnea, had been asking  if she could accompany us on one of our herping trips and what better excuse for us to check out our favourite herping spot again (as if we needed an excuse!) Linnea wanted to see some snakes and as we headed up the trail I assured her …

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Stripy Animals

After seeing seven snakes on the last visit to our herping spot we were pretty sure we wouldn't see as much wildlife on our latest visit, but once again our spot suprised us. Not long into our walk we almost stumbled upon this Malayan Banded Wolf Snake (Lycodon subcintus), literally. It was right on the …

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Seven Snake Night

Its been super busy at work at the moment and finally all the work was finished and we had a long weekend coming up. It had been raining most of the week and finally there was a little bit of sun on thursday and Carly said the magical words to me "do you want to …

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Namtok Phlio National Park

Hello everybody! I'm back again, it's been a while, hasn't it!?  I feel like I should explain the distinct lack of posts on my site for the past couple of months. A while back whilst visiting Khao Chamao National Park, my camera suffered a short dip in a waterfall after I slipped on a particularly …

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Wildlife by Torchlight

We moved house again...... My partner and I are now living in a different part of Thailand and of course a new house and a new area means new wildlife to find. Our weekends have been busy so far since we moved which hasn't left much time for finding wildlife but luckily our new garden …

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Wildlife At Your Door

No matter how busy I am I manage to find some wildlife and when I'm too busy the wildife seems to find me, almost as if to remind me not to forget them and why I live where I do. Here are a few of the animals that have managed to find their way into …

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Magical Moths

When most people think of moths they think of them as drab and boring relatives of butterflies that fly around at night. I have to say I was guilty of this mindset myself until very recently when I began to discover the amazing diversity of moths in Thailand. Before I start,  i'd like to differentiate them …

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A bounty of butterflies

Rainy season is definitely in full swing here and we have been having torrential rain everyday which is only ever broken up by gaps of murky wet spells. We haven't able to venture out much and our drive to and from work has looked almost apocalyptic some days. Drive to work at 7:35am (sunrise its …

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