Wildlife At Your Door

No matter how busy I am I manage to find some wildlife and when I’m too busy the wildife seems to find me, almost as if to remind me not to forget them and why I live where I do. Here are a few of the animals that have managed to find their way into my house over the past couple of weeks.

Our dog Bones found this little guy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis common duffer (Discophora sondaica) flew in one morningbl1There was this amazingly cool longhorn beetle (Xylorhiza adusta) that flew in toobl2.jpgbl3.pngThen there was this cool hawkmoth (Eupanacra mydon)bl5And this moth too…bl10.png

When ever I feel a bit cooped up in the house or stressed I grab my camera and walk around our house and garden to see whats about and there’s always something cool to see. Five to ten minutes of this and I can feel my stress levels waning.

This Chestnut Palmfly (Elymnias obnubila)

Chestnut Palmfly (Elymnias obnubila)

This Yellow-striped flutterer Dragonfly (Rhyothemis phyllis)

bl8.jpgGiant Red Eye Skipper (Gangara thyrsis)bl9


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