Wildlife in Action

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything but I haven’t been stagnant. In fact I’ve been busy collecting material for my photo galleries page which is severely lacking in content at this time. So far I’ve managed to compile a damselfly gallery, a lizard gallery and an amphibians gallery which you can see here Photo Galleries. The reason for the rather sparse photo galleries page is not a lack of photos to stock each gallery but more a lack of time and a reliable internet connection to work on my site. Hopefully we’ll soon have an internet connection at our new house.

So in the meantime………

I’ve  begun to try my hand at filming wildlife, especially when it’s something too skittish or fast moving to photograph. My films are a little short and blurry sometimes but hopefully that’ll change as I get more used to filming on my camera. Here are a few of my attempts so far to capture some wildlife on film.

Jade Jumping Spider (siler semiglaucus)waving hello

A flower chafer (Ixorida regia) collecting some nectar………

and a Great Eggfly butterfly (Hypolimnas bolina) doing the same.

A dragon fly twitching before take off.

Expect some longer films here soon, maybe even with David Attenborough style commentary as requested by my sister and a few others.


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