Caterpillars are often overlooked with all the attention going to their adult counterparts, well I’m here to change that. Caterpillars can be just as, if not more beautiful than the butterflies or moths they morph into and a lot of the time they can be extremely weird looking too. In this post I’ll be showing you some of the most beautiful and some of the weirdest caterpillars i’ve managed to get photos of so far.

Have a look at this caterpillar, how can you not love it, with its fluffy body and its school girl ponytails.


Possibly one of the coolest, and weirdest caterpillars I have ever seen is the caterpillar of the common baron butterfly. The butterfly itself  is a pretty inconspicuous brown thing but the caterpillar it morphs from is truly bizarre and beautiful at the same time.

Apologies for the blurry photos but as with most of my photos the only thing I have to hand when I spot something is the camera on my phone which is great but far from professional. Anyway here it is…….

This caterpillar is usually well camouflaged on a green background as its undefinable edges break up its silhouette perfectly. In this case though the bright green fluffy thing on dark background gave it away.

Next is a caterpillar that I spotted in Bangkok at the entrance to an MRT station. Its body was brightly coloured and armoured with pointy black spikes, a stark contradiction to its alluring red and yellow segmented body. After some internet research i was able to identify it as the caterpillar of the Leopard Lacewing Butterfly. After perusing my collection of butterfly photos I even managed to find a picture of the butterfly itself which I’d taken in Ban Phe when I first moved to Thailand.



Below are some of the honourable mentions from both the weird and wonderful caterpillars I’ve seen.

More photos soon!







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