Thailand’s Best Animal Websites

Thailand’s biodiversity is absolutely huge which is one of the reasons it is so satisfying to look for wildlife here because you’re always finding something you’ve never seen before.

To give you an idea of just how big Thailand’s biodiversity is, I’ve put some figures below that I took from the Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) website:

‘Thailand has 15,000 species of plants,  at least 292 species of mammal, at least 938 bird species, 318 reptile species, 122 amphibian species, more than 2,000 marine fish species and 606 species of freshwater fish’.( CBD, National Report on the Implementation of Convention on Biological Diversity : Thailand, June 2002)

So with all that being said where do you start if you want to: identify an animal you’ve seen, learn more about a Thai animal, or just look at some amazing photographs of some of the Thai Wildlife.

Below are 4 cool websites to check out some of the Thai wildlife on:

1.Farangs Gone Wild

This website has a vast library of beautiful photos of all sorts of Thai wildlife from ants to elephants.Farangs Gone Wild Website

2. Thailand Snakes

This website is great for anyone interested in learning about the snakes in Thailand. It includes detailed guides on the different species, what to do if you’re bitten, information on how to identify snakes, scientific papers and lots of other useful information. Thailand Snakes Website

3. Thai Bugs

This website has an extensive collection of photos of all sorts of Thailand’s creepy crawlies, facts about them, and lots of insect related information.Thai Bugs Website

4. Wildlife Thailand

Another  great website full of cool photos, videos, sound recordings, forums and articles to read. Wildlife Thailand Website

5.  Thai National Parks

This website deals with the National Parks of Thailand, brief overviews of some of the national parks, reserves and protected areas, information about the animal species that inhabit them, tour and hotel information.Thai National Parks Website

The above website does not include all the national parks and for more information you can visit the more extensive but definitely uglier Department of National Parks (DNP) website at DNP Website



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