Slithering Surprise

So I had just finished writing my post Wildlife by Torchlight about how lucky I’ve been to see so much cool wildlife in my garden and my head was a little fuzzy from staring at a computer screen for a while. I decided I’d go for a quick stroll around my garden to see if I could spot any of the stars of the post before I had a shower and called it a night.

I  followed my usual path around the perimeter of the garden, scanning for wildlife with my torch as I went. I paused behind our house in a spot where I have most of my luck and slowly scanned around. After scanning the floor for a while without much luck I turned my attention to a large bush against the wall. I stooped over so that I could peer  through the foliage and to my suprise, almost straight away something caught my eye…….

Nestled between a few branches was a couple of familiar brightly speckled coils……OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsually when I walk around the garden I have a camera over my shoulder, but I was totally unprepared on this occassion. I wasn’t expecting to see much; and I hadn’t so far until I spotted those beautiful coils.

I walked back to the house and grabbed Carly telling her I’d found a snake and we headed back out armed with an extra set of hands and a camera this time. As we approached the bush I was glad to see the snake hadn’t slithered away whilst I was in the house.

It stayed quite still only moving its head slightly to watch us as we moved around the bush trying to get shots of it through the thick foliage without disturbing it too much. With a little careful manipulation of its hiding place we could get a better look at it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsnake1I’ve seen these Red Necked Keelbacks (Rhabdophis subminiatus) a few times now but this was definitely the biggest and for sure the most beautiful one I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe my luck, minutes earlier I’d been reflecting on how much cool wildlife I’ve encountered recently when i spot this amazing specimen of a snake.What a great end to the day!sn2

You can read more about these snakes here Venom, Poison, or Both? or if you’d like to see some of the other wildlife I’ve spotted in my garden so far you can do that here Wildlife by Torchlight

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