Rain and Rainbow Water Snakes

The dry season seems to be coming to an end here and after a few days of heavy rain the parched fields and rice paddies have been transformed into vast interconnected ponds and the roads have become wildife hotspots when the sun goes down. Insects fly around the streetlights and frogs wait patiently on the road beneath them. Scorpions also cruise up and down the roads looking for insects and crabs crossing the roads moving from one flooded field to the next.

I decided that the first time it was dry at night i’d go exploring, and here are some of the creatures that I saw.

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Along with the other wildlife there were snakes on the roads too, some flat, but to my suprise, a lot of living ones.

The first snake I saw was this heavily pregnant (gravid) female Rainbow Water Snake (Enhydris enhydris).

2.jpg3 Not long after seeing that snake I saw another Rainbow Water snake, this time a smaller specimen but just as pretty with its dark body and that beautiful rainbow irridecent sheen.


I was getting a little sore from riding up and down the roads so I decided to head home and on my way home I spotted this beauty….It was a Rainbow water snake again but this time a very young one. Its colours were very different from the adults in that its stripes were  a lot more orange in colour and its body wasn’t as dark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANight 2 of exploring and another large gravid female Rainbow Water Snake.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANight 3 and I decided to take my partner with me to see if I could show her some of the snakes I’d been seeing. Just as I was begining to wonder if there were any snakes out we spotted this young Rainbow water snake.night 32OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe decided to ditch the motorbike walk along some of the flooded fields and we were shocked by what we discovered, read more here Snake Rescue



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