Not your average Saturday night.

After last saturdays success we decided to head to our new spot again this weekend to see what suprises it had in store for us this time.

Within five minutes we’d spotted our first snake…….once again it was a red-necked keelback. We suspect it was the same one that we spotted first last time as it was in the same spot, only it was on the opposite side of the path this time.keel.jpgIt was considerably damper than last time and there were loads of snails everywhere and every plant seemed to have one snail or more on its leaves.  As always, I wondered why, when we see lots of snails, why  don’t we see the Slug-eating Snakes which feed on them, and for the billionth time I said that exact sentence to Carly.snail2.jpgOur hopes were high for seeing more snakes and so we continued up the path scanning every bush and inch of the forest floor with our torches. After seeing the krait last time we were even more cautious as we walked, and good thing we were too……

As we headed up the path Carly suddenly shouted that she’d spotted a snake. There was a small grey snake on the path right at her feet…….Finally my prayers had been answered, there on the path was the most beautiful Slug-eating Snake I’d ever seen. slug2Slug1Two nights on the hill and two new species of snake we’d never seen, needless to say I was pretty chuffed………. but the night wasn’t over yet.

Later that night I spotted a gecko on a dead tree branch about 2m off the ground. At first it looked like a tokay but as I got closer I could see it was something else. I had to get a picture of it somehow but that wouldn’t be easy. I had to slowly edge my way through the undergrowth towards it, but just as I reached to grab it, it lept off the branch. Damn it!

Luckily the little guy hadn’t gone far and Carly soon found it and I managed to get a pic of it before it ran away again.

Intermediate Bow-fingered Gecko (Cyrtodactylus intermedius)

Reptiles weren’t the only new species we saw that night.

There was this Gyldenstolpe’s frog (Limnonectes gyldenstolpei)Limnonectes gyldenstolpei2Limnonectes gyldenstolpei1and this amazing scorpion flysfly1sfly2Once again it’s sunday and I’m getting ready for work tomorrow but I’m already planning the next trip to the hill and wondering what new species we’ll find next time.

If you’d like to see the snakes we spotted on our previous visit you can do so here

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