What do butterflies eat?

Moths and butterflies (lepidopterans) are the second largest order of insects, comprised of almost 160,000 species (Monaenkova et al, 2011) and their feeding habits are as diverse as they are. Most of them feed on the nectar found in flowers, some even feed on the pollen, but they have so many more weird and wonderful …

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Stripy Animals

After seeing seven snakes on the last visit to our herping spot we were pretty sure we wouldn't see as much wildlife on our latest visit, but once again our spot suprised us. Not long into our walk we almost stumbled upon this Malayan Banded Wolf Snake (Lycodon subcintus), literally. It was right on the …

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Weird and Wonderful Catterpillars

After a friend posted a picture of a cool caterpillar on my facebook page this week (Wild Thailand) I was inspired to showcase some of the cool caterpillars that I've found so far. So here are a few of the cool caterpillars I've found in Thailand to date. Lime Butterfly (Papilio Demoleus) Caterpillars They are truly bizarre, caterpillars which disguise themselves …

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