Forest Lizards

It seems like I cant go for a walk these days without spotting a Forest Crested Lizard (Calotes emma) or two, or three..or a hundred!

They’re often pretty relaxed and you can usually get quite close to them before they make a run for it. Sometimes if it’s a particularly confident one they’ll puff out their throat and bob their heads as a sort of warning to say ‘I’m not afraid; go, away!’


I love the black lines around their eyes, they seem to draw your attention so that you always end up in a staring competition.


Despite seeing them all the time, I still can’t stop myself from stopping for a closer look everytime I see one and taking a photo or two, or three…..or a hundred!


My partner thinks that they look like miniature dinosaurs roaming the forests of Thailand. I can see where she’s coming from there is something very prehistoric about their spiny bodies, sharp claws and long tails.


I can’t wait till my next walk in a forest so I can snap some more photos of these mini dinosaurs!


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