New and Improved…

Our lucky streak of good weather each weekend has finally ended with this weekend being dominated by heavy rain. This means our usual weekend venture into one of the local national parks or wildlife conservation areas has had to be postponed until next weekend, weather permitting. photbut3

The bad weather has given me the opportunity to work on my blog, specifically my increasing number of butterfly photos. Recently I’ve been seeing so many butterflies that my photo gallery for them has become quite messy and disorganised.

So while the weather had confined us to the house I decided that I would spend some time to organise my photos.

The first thing I did was to make a separate gallery for each major butterfly family (photo:right)

I then sorted through photos in each family and removed any extra or  unclear photos to make a more precise and appealing gallery for each family.

You can now see more than 120 butterfly species I’ve seen here ===>  Butterflies




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