After my post in April on the Stream Glory (Neurobasis chinensis) Stream Glory (Neurobasis chinensis chinensis) I have been determined to get a photo of their amazing green wings. This holiday I finally managed to get a shot of one showing its amazing emerald wings.

After watching the damselfly flutter up and down the stream for a while I identified a rock where it seemed to return to quite regularly. I positioned myself out of the way but with a clear view to the rock and waited. Sure enough after a while it landed on the rock, now it was just a case of trying to get the exact moment when it opened its wings; not an easy task when they only open for a less than a second. After taking what seemed like hundreds of photos I was pretty sure that I’d have atleast one where I’d caught it with its wings open. Sure enough as i looked through the photos I’d managed to get one, so without further ado here’s the photo, and the sequence leading up to it.



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