Wildlife by Torchlight

We moved house again...... My partner and I are now living in a different part of Thailand and of course a new house and a new area means new wildlife to find. Our weekends have been busy so far since we moved which hasn't left much time for finding wildlife but luckily our new garden …

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Venom, Poison, or Both?

Let me introduce you to the red-necked Keelback (Rhabdophis subminiatus), a beautiful snake that has the distinction of being one of only a handful of snakes (17) in the world that are known to posses both venom and poison, and it can be found here in Thailand. When talking about snakes many people confuse the terms …

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The Wild Weekend Continues

Sunday rolled around and the weather nice, so both Carly and I decided to head out to our favourite national park for a wander and a bit of wildlife spotting. As we drove into the park it became apparent that the butterfly season was well and truly underway. Every puddle seemed to be edged by …

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