New House New Wildlife

Last weekend we packed up all our things and moved to a new house out of the town and nearer to beach (1 minute away).  The house is slowly starting to feel like home and all of our things are unpacked. Time for some exploring and wildlife spotting! These seems to be a lot of dragonflies …

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Tiger Beetles

You know how you can walk past something a thousand times without ever really noticing it, but then once you've seen it once you start to see it everywhere? Well for me that thing is Tiger Beetles. Ever since I first spotted some by a river earlier this month I've been seeing them everywhere! They're …

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Stream Glory (Neurobasis chinensis chinensis)

Sometimes there's nothing better than just walking along the banks of a small stream and watching the dragonflies,damselflies flutter along above it. On this particular occasion whilst walking along one of the streams in Sri Phang-nga National Park i was lucky enough to see the aptly named stream glory damselfly. I was slowly walking along, when suddenly …

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